Make your communications work better for you by using Microsoft Teams with your cloud phone system.

June 7, 2021
Microsoft Teams Cloud Telephony

By integrating Microsoft Teams with your cloud telephone system, you’ll have all your communications in one place, making it easier for your business to run smoothly.

Does your business use Microsoft Teams? If you do, are you using it to its full potential? Teams goes beyond an instant messaging platform, you can read all about the benefits of it here.

The benefits of a cloud telephony system

With BT moving away from legacy systems of traditional landlines the need for updating business telephone systems has never been more acute. We wrote about it back in October 2019 here, officially all businesses still using BT ISDN landlines have until 2025 to find a new solution, but from this year BT are stopping new lines from being introduced. There’s renewed urgency to find the best solution, and here at MCL Telecom we’ve done just that.

  • Make and receive your business calls in Microsoft Teams
  • Cut telephone costs, our simple pricing structure means you won’t be lumbered with upfront costs with generous call bundles and unlimited calling between extensions.
  • All the features of your PBX system with the resilience of a cloud-based phone system.

How MCL Telecom Cloud Telephone Systems integrate with Microsoft Teams

It involves fully native Session Border Controllers to route Microsoft Teams voice traffic, which sounds very complicated, but you don’t need to worry about that.

All you need to know is that your employees can use your Microsoft Teams to access everything that they usually can (cloud-based documents and storage etc), all while having the same functionality of your cloud-telephony system in one application. No swapping screens or having to log on and off.

This makes it more efficient and easier for everyone.

Features of the cloud-phone system

  • Intelligent call routing – Your system will keep any bespoke hunt groups you have already set up and use these to make sure your calls flow efficiently to the right person, or team, every time.
  • Advanced PBX features – Anything you need, your cloud phone system can probably do it; from auto-attendants to call queues and on-hold music.
  • Call recording – Our systems will hold in-bound call recordings for 90 days.
  • Simple online management – your administrator will be able to add new users, change call flows and configure features through an online portal. If you have any trouble with any of this we’re here for you, to help you through the process.
  • CRM integration – Make sure that all your systems are talking to each other. You’ll have the same plug and play integrations across your communications suite.
  • If you need to assign a user a geographical number, then no problem! We have unique numbers available for over 65 international destinations.
  • Endpoint flexibility – Use the handset of your choice, VoIP handset or conferencing.