ISDN Switch Off

October 23, 2019
ISDN Switch Off

There’s been chat about the BT ISDN switch-off for years, but as with all things that seem really far off, they creep up quickly – heads up Christmas is only 9 weeks away!

ISDN functionality is being switched off in 2025, but next year, which is only a couple of months away now, you won’t be able to add any new lines.

The thought of changing over an entire business telephone system would seem to be daunting, but what was once a laborious and long-winded task really isn’t anymore. Think of it as a great time to take stock, make sure you’re getting the best deal and consolidate your supply chain.

Without any obligation, we can come to see your business (don’t forget we’re local so us coming to see you is no problem), we’ll have a quick chat about what your requirements are then we’ll create a detailed breakdown of our recommendations for you.

We can look after your mobile account as well as your connectivity and telephony, all under one roof, with one point of contact, no call centres, no-nonsense.