Cloud Phone Systems

In the office, at home or on your mobile phone

Cloud Phone System

Transform your business communications

Cloud telephony replaces traditional landlines and hosts your business number in the Cloud. Giving you all the functionality of a landline with the operational benefits of instant scalability and movability.

Balancing simplicity with flexibility our cloud telephony systems have highly advanced functionality designed to drive productivity and collaboration. Businesses the capability they need to work efficiently, wherever they are.

Why a cloud phone system?

If you don’t have an IT department looking after the technical infrastructure of your business, then you probably won’t want to host your own telephone exchange.
Cloud telephony gives you all the advantages of a PBX system, but without the hassle. We’ll install, maintain, and look after the system, all you do is pay for what you need, be it one seat or 5,000

If you need a fluid system that can flex and adapt as your business grows and develops then Cloud-based telephony is for you.

Little to no initial outlay, you don’t own the hardware, so you don’t pay for it. A contracted amount per month will be invoiced so you know where you stand. There’ll be no unexpected charges.

What are my other options?

If you have a PBX system in place and would like to keep it or upgrade it, if you’d like to be in control of your system and have ownership of your hardware then take a look at our Panasonic Hosted PBX page

Ways to connect using a cloud telephone system

Cloud IP Desk Phones

IP Desk Phones

Cloud Mobile App

Mobile App

Cloud Softphone App


Core features

Extension dialling

Reach people in 3 or 4 digits wherever you are

Unified voicemail

Pick-up all your voicemail from any device, anywhere

Call recording

Useful for training and archiving important information

Call groups

Directs call super effectively and never miss a call

Call queuing

Never lose a customer when you’ve got them on hold

Auto attendant

Handle calls professionally and efficiently

Conference calling

Setup a private virtual conference room with extended dial-ins

Rich Features

Choice of landline numbers

As numbers are hosted in the cloud and not attributed to a landline you can have your choice of prefix.

CRM Integration

Integration with different CRM solutions

Fraud Protection

Our hosted platform runs from secure data-centres located in London with 24/7 call monitoring

Help Right Now

Auto Attendant

Manage your customer journey more effectively through the use of auto attendants. Set rules to distribute incoming calls; perhaps important if you’re business operates over several time-zones, has specific opening hours or other conditions depending on your unique requirements.

Call Queuing

Let your customers know you’re waiting for their call by adding call queuing to your phone system. Incoming calls are placed in the order which they called to wait for the right person to answer them.

Call Groups

Distribute incoming calls to the right team and the right time. If your business operates in different time-zones, or if you have support distributed throughout your business make sure the right member of your team answers the customer.


Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, vTiger, Zendesk, ZOHO, Bullhorn, SugarCRM, Pipedrive


Outlook 365, Exchange

Call Reporting

Call Centre Features

Unlimited ACD Queues
Built with the customer in mind, to stop call cut-offs and to manage their time in queue.

Real Time Queue Stats
Real-time analysis of what’s happening to improve call responses and to give absolute clarity to your business.

Soft Phone
Use desk phone or softphone – or toggle between both for maximum flexibility

Managed Control
Control of Agent behaviour and supervisor intervention for quality control

Comprehensive Reporting
Improve the effectiveness of your Sales campaigns with granular reporting and analysis

Real Time Monitoring
Act on real time information during every call and improve customer service and Agent effectiveness

Provide an overview of all your Agents in seconds, on any device

Fully scalable according to size and complexity – CallSwitch Contact Centre grows along with your business

fraud protection

Call Fraud Protection

Your business means the world to you, we know that you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks, especially when it comes to fraud.

Telecoms fraud has seen a huge increase in recent years, and the costs of an attack can quickly add up. Consistency in monitoring and management of your total portfolio is the best way to tackle any risk.

No-one wants an attack on their business, and no-one wants to end up paying a huge bill because of it. We will help manage all risks through the use of our managed IP service.

This enables you to set daily or weekly spend limits for free, which can easily be changed depending on your business operations. You can receive notifications when spend reaches a certain percentage of your threshold. Should you then need to you can simply raise the limit or advise us that you believe your telecoms may have been breached.

As a protection to you, if no action is taken by the time the limit has been reached, all calls are barred reducing your risk of any fraudulent activity.

What can MCL Telecom do for you?

Find out if a cloud phone system will be right for your business by getting in touch with MCL Telecom today.

We’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

We focus on providing our customers the very best service. We guarantee you get just what you need by assessing your company requirement and designing communication strategies that fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you’ve got an existing number you’d like to keep we will handle this for you. We liaise with BT on your behalf, no matter where you’re moving, even out of your area code, you can keep that number.

That’s fine, even out of your existing area, you can keep the same number you’ve always had.

You can, but we wouldn’t recommend It. You’ll be provided with new handsets along with your new system, all under warranty, so you won’t need your old hardware.

We will fully scope your requirements, usually your broadband would be able to host this, but we’ll double check for you and advise as necessary.