New at MCL Telecom: SoGEA Broadband

April 14, 2022

What is it? Does your business need it?

Firstly, what does SoGEA stand for? It’s Single order Generic Ethernet Access, which obviously doesn’t mean much to the average Jo working their 9-5. Let’s explain a little more…

In a nutshell, SoGEA is a broadband connection without a BT phone line.

By now, everyone should know that BT ISDN lines are being switched off – so, in theory no business is going to need access to a traditional plugged in telephone line, they simply won’t work in a couple of years.

If you’re not already switched over to a VoIP system then get in touch, far better to do this sooner so we can plan and execute a simple switch over, quite possibly a new system will actually save you money too.

Advantages of SoGEA

  • Simplifies your connectivity – We’ve already ascertained that you won’t need a copper wire phone line soon, so why have it?
  • Cheaper – The combined cost of a phone line and broadband will be more than a SoGEA connection alone.
  • More reliable – as there’s no traditional phone line there’s less chance of interference.
SoGEA Broadband

If you think your business would benefit from SoGEA broadband, then talk to us, we can find out if it’s available for your business and if it will save you money on your connectivity.