Unlimited Mobile Tariffs

November 14, 2019
Unlimited Mobile Tariffs

Vodafone and O2 have both released their new Unlimited tariffs, giving the ultimate freedom to business customers for data and voice.


Although there are three options available; Lite, Unlimited and Max, at MCL Telecom we will only be offering the Max plan, as this offers business customers the flexibility they need. (Both Lite and Unlimited plans have throttled download speeds which for a business user would create issues).


One Unlimited Plan; without throttling on download speeds and with access to unlimited data, unlimited minutes for voice and unlimited texts throughout the UK and Europe.

Moving to these unlimited tariffs will give users the freedom of super-fast downloads and unrestricted use of mobile as a WiFi hotspot, as well as the ability to stream live TV and sport in UHD, share photos and videos instantly.

The benefits are outstanding; to talk to us about this new tariff give us a call, or alternatively you can log on to the MIA portal to make the change yourself.