New at MCL Telecom: SoGEA Broadband


What is it? Does your business need it? Firstly, what does SoGEA stand for? It’s Single order Generic Ethernet Access, which obviously doesn’t mean much to the average Jo working their 9-5. Let’s explain a little more… In a nutshell, SoGEA is a broadband connection without a BT phone line. By now, everyone should know […]

FTTP – Fast broadband, better pricing.

fibre optic cables

What is FTTP? FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) is a fibre optic connection from the exchange to the street cabinet, but then also fibre to your premises. It is the addition of fibre to your premises that makes this option super-fast. We’ve got all the detail you need for business broadband options on our website […]