Old to New

June 14, 2018
Desk Phone Illustration

Do you remember the old days, when everyone chose their car insurance company once they’d passed their driving test, and bought their first car? That was it, no-one thought about it anymore, that job ticked off the list.  Every year you’d get a letter through the post, to say that your premium had gone up by however-much-percent, and that your Direct Debit would be automatically adjusted. But, one day, it dawned that we might not be getting the best deal.  Suddenly, comparison websites sprung up everywhere, we were inundated with opera singers and meercats on the television, blasting at us to realise that we need not blindly agree to these hikes, but if we looked around, we might actually get a better deal.

Welcome to now for your business landlines. When was the last time you checked what you’re paying, is it a fair amount, are your telephone systems up to date with the latest features?

What if you could have a new telephone system, that gave you all the features you could ever want, and that this system would be cheaper than what you are currently paying per month?

It’s true. We can say with absolute conviction that there are so many businesses out there, paying over-the-odds for outdated, inefficient systems that no longer meet the needs of their day-to-day running.

We were recently asked by a local solicitors’ firm to assess their current office telephone systems, to see if we could give them the features they needed to run securely and efficiently.

Not only did we manage to get an updated telephone system for Whetham and Green, offering the features they needed most; like call divert, music on hold, business hours rules, and CLI, but this brand-new system came in almost £150 cheaper per month, than what they were previously paying. Saving them an enormous £5,223.96 over the term of their contract.

There are substantial benefits to businesses to question what their current deal is; cost benefits, stability of service, security and flexibility.  At MCL Telecom we have the added advantage of our in-house engineer, Frank.  He can deal with any technical issues pre- and post-installation.

Don’t allow your business to pay more than need-be. All you need to do is drop us a line, and we’ll come to you, assess your needs and give you solutions that work best for you.