Nokia 8110 4G Review

September 26, 2018
Review illustration

After a week of Dan using the Nokia 8110 4G handset, we got the lowdown on what he thought:

Before you were given the handset, what were you expecting?
I wanted it to be exactly like I remembered it, with all the redeeming factors which everyone loved so much; straightforward to use, user-friendly, robust and sturdy with an outstanding battery life, I just didn’t want to have to carry my charger around with me for the day – all iPhone users know that feeling! 

How did it stack-up to your expectations?
Although it’s called the 8110 4G, it can be set it up to use the 2G network, this is what I did first. Nationwide there are generally more 2G cell-sites that either 3G or 4G, this means that signal strength is far better, so if you’re making calls it’s a huge benefit.  The flip-side is that you don’t get the capabilities for data. On my daily commute and while out visiting customers, I often drive through black-spots with little or no coverage, but throughout this entire week I’ve had a minimum of 4 bars of signal, no dropped calls, and no sketchy conversations at all.
The handset itself is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing (who doesn’t love a bright yellow phone!?), and ergonomic to hold. Typing on the smaller push-buttons could be a problem if you were doing a lot of texting, but not something that I had an issue with.
The battery life was everything I had hoped for, having used it for the entire week I barely made a dent in it, amazing stuff.

Did you miss any apps?
I think there’s a real time-and-place for Apps, if I’m doing some online banking, or looking through Rightmove for example, this handset doesn’t have the capability for those things, but, like most people I have an iPad at home and a computer on my desk, and can do all these things from there.  So in answer to your question, I might have missed WhatsApp, but then I’m sure I could get used to it not being around.

So, are you going to keep using this, or take back your iPhone?
In an ideal world I’d have both; they both offer me something to make my day-to-day life a bit easier. If calls are more important to you and your business, then this handset is a revelation, some of our customers are struggling with signal strength on the 4G network, so using this one on the 2G would mean never being out of signal, and no failing calls.
Personally, I’m not very reliant on my smartphone, I use my PC or iPad when I need to, so I didn’t really miss it at all, but I definitely recognise that others would miss that hand-held capability. This handset is designed as a back-to-basics, it’s a phone, for making calls on, and for that it’s perfect.