ON-SITE Telephone Systems

Our in-house engineers design, install, train, support, and maintain all NEC and Panasonic PBX/SIP solutions

NEC Telephone Systems

On-site NEC Communications Platforms

As a top global innovator, with a tremendous history of innovation, NEC has been selected as a Gold sponsor of the 2020 Olympics providing Public Safety, hardware and networking solutions.

NEC is the #1 SMB & Enterprise Comms provider worldwide.

It is in the global 100 most sustainable companies in the world and has over 75 million users worldwide.

Why MCL considers NEC Telephone Systems the best solution on the market today

With 15 years’ of experience, we know a good phone system when we see it. We’ve done extensive research and NEC Telephone Systems offer the most reliable solutions on the market. We have found that their hardware is built for long-term usage. Other manufactures make their hardware to be leased and renewed, but NEC manufactures to higher standards, creating handsets and accessories that will outperform, and outlast their counterparts.

Communication solutions for any size of business

We will work with your business to find a solution that fits exactly to your requirements, whether you need something bespoke or off the peg, we’ll find what works best for you.

Advanced rich features of NEC Telephone Systems

  • PC Softphone
  • Mobile app
  • InUC desktop integration
  • MyCalls call management
  • InReports call reporting
  • Multi-site capabilities
  • Integration with NEC Univerge Blue VoIP solution
  • InGuard security & fraud detection
  • InUC web video

MCL Telecom are a fully accredited NEC Partner
(installation, configuration, programming and maintenance).

Choice of Handsets

NEC telephone systems


  • Elegantly designed and feature-packed
  • Customizable to meet employees’ specific communications needs
  • Supports a wide-range of features which can help improve overall employee efficiency and productivity
  • Delivers maximum deployment flexibility and investment protection
  • Easy to use intuitive interface and an interactive user manual


  • Elegantly designed and feature-packed
  • Customizable to meet employees’ specific communications needs
  • Supports a wide-range of applications which can help improve overall employee efficiency and productivity
  • Delivers maximum deployment flexibility and investment protection
  • Easy to use intuitive interface and an interactive user manual


Professional mobile handset with alarming, messaging and multi-line capabilities

DECT handset G577 is a sophisticated mobile handset that provides a range of mobile unified communications, alarming and messaging capabilities to offer task management, staff/patient safety and very rich messaging scenarios in various businesses, hospitality and healthcare.

Advantages of SIP

Create a cohesive communications platform for your business with NEC telephone systems.

Working collaboratively becomes much easier if everything is in one place, with SIP you can access data, instant message and have conference calls (including video) all from your phone. There’s no need for different apps and programmes, everything streamlined through one system.

Easily scalable.

To add or remove phone lines is as simple as plugging in a new handset.

Cheaper in the long-term.

There may be an initial outlay, but your monthly costs will be reduced as the cost of hardware won’t be accrued into your bills.


NEC SL2100

Designed specifically for small or medium-sized businesses looking to take advantage of low-cost SIP calling. The SL2100 NEC telephone systems have more built-in features, saving your business cost, maintenance and hassle.

It’s a cost-effective, feature-rich VoIP enabled phone system, offering out-of-the-box accessible features, less hardware and less add-ons to pay for.

Why would you need a Hybrid solution?

Hybrid solutions are a great transitional gateway to pure VoIP.

If your business is running an analogue phone system, it will need to be changed before ISDN lines are switched off permanently in 2025. If you are likely to require any system changes before this date, you will need to change as new lines are decommissioned from 2023.

If connectivity is critical for your business then a hybrid solution will work well for you, if one system fails, there is always the back-up of an alternative to pick up the slack.

SL2100 Benefits

  • Migrating your system to the SL2100 is easy, flexible and to your business terms
  • Up to 242 extensions which can be flexibly configured and expanded as needed
  • Premises-based (as opposed to hosted) – avoiding recurring monthly subscription costs
  • Save on travel costs & time with InUC collaboration calls
  • All InApps are built-in to the system – save on extra hardware costs & maintenance
  • Mobility solutions for quicker customer responses, wherever you are
  • Homeworkers can enjoy a complete phone user experience from their home
  • Voicemail alerts delivered to your mobile, desk phone, home phone or as an email
  • InReports wallboard provides 24/7 communication performance to increase your performance

SL2100 Features

  • System features and applications to make management easier, even for your home workers
  • Summary reports of call performance delivered automatically to MD at end of working
  • Up to 242 extensions which can be flexibly configured and expanded as needed
  • Caller ID displayed on handset to help you offer a more personalised greeting
NEC Telephone Systems SL2100


NEC Univerge SV9100

The SV9100 NEC telephone systems help companies provide a great overall customer experience by delivering the next generation communication system that meets today’s flexible workforce and increased customer demands.

So whether you have employees that work in various locations around the office, are adding new employees, setting up a new office, starting a help desk or setting up employees to work from home – the SV9100 can easily adapt to your needs.

Why IP is the right choice

If your business is currently using a legacy platform, then it will need to be changed. In 2025 BT is switching off ISDN phone lines. From 2021 no new orders can be placed. There is no better time than now to get ahead of the game and implement a new system.

It is now more necessary for workplaces to be more fluid. Assigning a number to a business, or a piece of hardware doesn’t work. Users need to be able to access their number from wherever they are working, business communications are no longer boxed within the four walls of the office itself, but at home, at the café around the corner or from abroad.

The NEC SV9100 series delivers the next generation of communication systems to meet today’s working style.

SV9100 Benefits

  • Multi-carrier SIP support – Offers greater resilience and provides cost-effective call routing
  • Includes a more diverse range of desktop telephones
  • VoIP and Traditional Voice Support – Protection against ISDN switch off with built-in SIP technology which provides an easy migration option
  • Scalability – As a business’s communication needs grow with the company
  • Stackable Architecture – The SV9100’s rack stackable chassis supports server functions, media gateways and media converters through a single unit

SV9100 Features

  • All the same features as the SL2100 but on a larger scale up to 896 extensions with added advanced capabilities
  • Application Integration – Embedded applications are easily accessed through simple licence activation

Do you need a call management solution?

Competitive businesses come in all sizes but usually have one thing in common: great teamwork. And in the age of increasingly disparate working locations for employees, communications play a crucial part. Get the most out of your workforce with NEC Telephone Systems. Designed for real people and real business and gets your team working together from day one.

More information on solutions available from MCL Telecom:  Call Centre Communications

Panasonic Communications Platforms

At the end of 2020 Panasonic took the decision to pull out of the business telecoms market.

You can read more about their decision here.

What happens now for MCL Telecom customers with Panasonic phone systems?

It’s business as usual!

If you have a Panasonic phone system there is no need for you to change anything. We are still able to maintain your system, upgrade you if needed and replacement parts are all still available.

What happens if something goes wrong with my Panasonic phone system?

Just give us a call like you normally would. Parts are still fully available for all systems and as we are still accredited partners our engineers will be able to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Probably, but it is best that we check out its capability before confirming. We’re happy to do a site visit for you and if anything else is needed we’ll provide you a fully detailed quote.

Yes, it can be as simple as plugging in a new handset.

It does sound complicated, but we know what we’re doing. We will plan the system and install it all for you. When we’re on-site we will give you and your team basic training. If you need to chat more about it, you know where we are.

Yes, easily! One of the big benefits of this system is that it can work over up to 32 sites.

What can MCL Telecom do for you?

As fully accredited NEC telephone systems partner, the team at MCL Telecom know what will work for your business.

We can share our expertise with your business, making sure you have a system that functions as you need it to.

We focus on providing our customers the very best service. We guarantee you get just what you need by assessing your company requirement and designing communication strategies that fit.