Multi-site Business Phone Systems

Multiple sites, warehouses and home workers connected through SIP or Cloud business phone systems
Multi-Site Phone Systems
Types of telephone system for multi-site businesses

Multi-site doesn’t have to mean multiple offices the stretch of the land, it can mean remote workers, a head-office and dispatching locations or a couple of warehouses. Working out which system will best suit your requirements is something we can easily help with, so rather than weighing up the pros and cons yourself, let us do a site survey to see what would work for you.

Cross-border businesses

Multi-site can also be across countries, not limited to UK nationwide, by having one telephone system your business will make significant financial savings. Calling site-to-site is generally free, so even if you’re crossing borders you don’t need to be creating big telephone bills each month.

Is the cloud right for Multi-site business phone systems

Unlike conventional phone systems where you pay a charge for your line installation and line rental per line, with cloud-hosted VoIP phone systems you pay just £5 per month per line/handset. Your calls are made and received over the internet, so a strong connection is essential.

Benefits of Cloud phone systems

It is a stress- and hassle-free option, keeping your business costs consistent and your business connected. Upgrades to your system are included as part of your monthly line charge alongside adding new features, all easily run through the web interface.

Feature-rich systems that were traditionally only available to larger businesses are now accessible for all. Smaller enterprises can also benefit greatly from VoIP services such as; call recording, auto attendant and virtual receptionist (VR).

Scaling up and down is as simple as adding a new line via the online web portal, a click away, instant and efficient. If you have homeworkers, they take their number with them, wherever they are, answering calls through their tablet or laptop.

On-Premise PBX phone systems

Owning a PBX system puts your business in control of its communications, your business can customise the system to fit completely with your requirements.

Benefits of on-premise PBX phone systems

There is an initial upfront cost for owning a PBX phone system, however, it will then be your company asset to keep. By offsetting these costs, it is likely that in the long-term on-premise PBX is more cost-effective as a small business phone system.

Free calls within your PBX are standard, other benefits include call transfer, voicemail, call queues, call recording and voice menus.

Our stock of handsets, routers and switches will make sure your installation goes smoothly, and we can quickly provide any replacements or additional products you may need in the future.

At MCL Telecom we are able to carry out remote maintenance. That means we’re able to make the changes you require within minutes, making sure your system is operating as it should be and eliminating the need for a costly engineer to visit your site.

SIP Trunks

Looking for a quick solution to increasing the capacity of your business’ existing telephone system? Then SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks are the solution for you.

SIP trunks allow new lines to be set up and installed within minutes, they’re also cheap to run.

What do SIP trunks need?

To take advantage of the flexibility of SIP trunks your business will need to be running a private phone network (PBX) system that supports them. You’ll also need a safe and secure broadband connection with enough bandwidth to cope with your calls.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure whether your existing telephone network or broadband can work with SIP trunks, we can check both of those things for you.

To increase security for your business, we can lock down SIP trunks so that calls can only be made or received during your office hours, ensuring you won’t be paying for anyone else using your lines.

What can MCL Telecom do for you?

We are experts in creating phone systems that works across multiple sites.

If you have any questions about what you will need, then please get in touch with us.

We focus on providing our customers the very best service. We guarantee you get just what you need by assessing your company requirement and designing communication strategies that fit.