Machine to Machine data connectivity application SIMs

M2M IoT Sims

Internet of Things IoT

Whether your business is in transportation or retail, healthcare or manufacturing, whatever you do, integration of IoT (the Internet of Things) is now an essential part of operating. From managing the temperatures of buildings through to traffic control in your local area connectivity is now essential to effective and efficient operations.

Implementing the right M2M SIMs infrastructure

It has been estimated by Gartner that by the end of 2020 there will be 26 billion computers, phones, and connected devices. Your business will be operating multiple devices that need connectivity.

Improve customer experience

Customer experience (CX) is the be all and end all for businesses; it is the difference in churn, repeat business and no business at all. Using IoT your business can implement tracking for all shipped orders, notification on arrival for transportation, make paying for goods and services easier, the list is endless.

Understand customer behaviour better

Profiling your customers easily and precisely by monitoring purchasing patterns and social media interactions for example. Targeting can become far more defined, increasing sales.

Reduce operating costs

By monitoring exact usage of particular resources businesses can make sure they order only what is essential for creation of products. Wastage is reduced and operating costs are brought down in turn.

What can MCL Telecom do for you?

IoT and M2M SIMs can be extremely confusing, at MCL Telecom we can assess your requirements and create a comprehensive plan for implementing what will work best in your office environment.

Please get in touch with us to review your needs and to see what efficiencies we can implement for you.

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