HIKVISION CCTV Business Solutions

Increase security with intelligent solutions to keep your business secure.

Keeping your business safe and secure, even when you’re not there with Hikvision CCTV.

Keeping your business secure at all times is essential. Hikvision CCTV is used to keep employees safe and customer data secure. You can protect your products and ensure your services aren’t undermined with a capable and secure solution in place.

Hikvision are industry-leading CCTV experts, coupled with our in-house engineer installation we have got your business covered.

Hikvision are industry-leading CCTV experts, coupled with our in-house engineer installation we have got your business covered.

Benefits of Hikvision CCTV

Extend the range of your Wi-Fi across large buildings and to less accessible locations. Stop your signal dropping out and maintain your connectivity effectively.

Criminal deterrent

From break-ins to vandalism, the threat to businesses is real, whether you are trying to protect stock or keep confidential information secure. Visible cameras in locations that are prone to or have suffered from these inflictions will help prevent crime.

Cost efficiencies

By installing a suite of networked cameras your business will have access to real-time video surveillance. No need to add HR costs of hiring security team, or the expense of agency staff. Businesses will usually benefit from reduced insurance premiums if they have accredited CCTV installed.

Employee security

Keep your staff feeling safe by installing networked CCTV cameras. Employee-related incidences, such as theft, misconduct or mal-practice, are shown to drop significantly if cameras are in place inside the workplace. 

By reviewing footage, you can be sure to understand how your teams are working and what could be done to better performance.


WiFi Kit

Peace of Mind with Wi-Fi or POE Systems

Our accredited engineer can help you decide which Hikvision CCTV system will protect your business. Below is a rough outline on the differences between PoE and Wi-Fi based solutions, for more information please get in touch.

PoE Systems – without the need of a plug socket.

Power over Ethernet or POE gives you power to run your device without the need of being plugged in to a socket. Power and network are provided through the ethernet connection of the device.

For your CCTV cameras, this means no need for a plug socket in your ceiling or outside your building, simple installation by our fully accredited engineer.

POE makes the use of CCTV far simpler. Without the need to attach a device to a power supply security camera can be mounted with ease, wherever you need them. The office environment will be safer with less cabling.

POE cameras have a faster transmission speed, as they are wired signal isn’t an issue, connectivity is absolute and therefore footage is streamed at a better quality.

Wi-Fi Systems.

Really flexible to incorporate any requirements. As long as there’s a power supply nearby you can install a camera. Installation is easy as there is no need for extra cabling, all cameras send footage wirelessly. It is essential you have a strong connection to maintain stability in recording.

Our business broadband solutions will ensure stable connectivity to run the wireless system through. More information can be found on these pages.  

WiFi cameras can be easily hidden as less wiring is needed, making them a perfect solution for covert or secluded locations.

Are there additional requirements?

In short, yes, Data Protection laws are in place which you will need to be in total compliance with when installing, reviewing and using CCTV.

All the details of these requirements can be found of the Government website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly believe that the benefits of having CCTV outweigh not having it. No matter what you’re in the business of, whether you’ve got customers walking in, products or data to protect. By installing a CCTV system you keep you and your employees safer.

This will depend on how big your premises is and what you want the cameras to see. Our trained engineer will come out to scope your requirements and create a proposal that’s just for you.

This is up to you, there’s a cost difference and ease of installation differs between the two options. POE will always be the more secure choice as it isn’t dependent on connectivity, however, WiFi cameras are a great entry to CCTV.

This depends on who your insurance is held with. Normally businesses will see a slight reduction in their premiums if they have an effective and operational CCTV system in place.

What can MCL Telecom do for you?

Our experienced engineers can design and install a CCTV network for any premises, to maximise security and give your business total peace of mind.

Speak with our sales team today to book an engineers visit.

We focus on providing our customers the very best service. We guarantee you get just what you need by assessing your company requirement and designing communication strategies that fit.