Dedicated and secure, leased lines optimise your business broadband connectivity.
Fibre Leased Line

Dedicated performance

Guaranteed performance with dedicated connectivity for cost-effective and secure business performance. If your business is across multiple sites a secure link between them will be established.

Leased Lines are easily scaled, so you only pay for what you need; if your business expands, then expand your bandwidth to allow for this growth.

Why dedicated is best for your business

A connection will be established between us, your telecoms provider, and your office across as many sites as you need

Difference over business broadband

A business broadband connection isn’t private, it is shared across a ratio of normally up to twenty other locations. This means that at peak times you may have buffering as the connection is stretched across multiple locations. With a dedicated leased line, the line is yours alone. You get the whole bandwidth just for your business.

Fibre Leased Line Uploads & downloads

The speed of downloads is important to everyone, it’s what makes the difference between sketchy, buffering, and slow disjointed working or a seamless experience. The faster the download the quicker the work is able to be done.

Uploads, although less spoken about, are equally as important, especially in an age where businesses are operating with a lot of data in the cloud. How quickly you, and the people who work with you, can upload information to the cloud creates efficiencies in your business to save you time and money.

With a lease line you get the same speeds to upload and download, dedicated to your business. No congestion at peak-times, always ultimate performance.

Not just for your internet connectivity

With a dedicated lease line, you can run all your telecommunications through it. Not just internet connectivity, but your VPN information and your telephone network as well. With flexibility at its core, this means that you can have one paid-for connection to service all your telecommunications needs.

Why MCL Telecom for your lease line?

At MCL Telecom we know the local landscape, we know exactly what is available in your businesses neighbourhood and we can determine exactly what your business will need. With ease of scaling, lease lines are a flexible and secure alternative.

What can MCL Telecom do for you?

For the ultimate in dedicated performance a fibre leased line will keep your connectivity no matter the strain put on your network.

Our engineers can fully assess your requirements.

We focus on providing our customers the very best service. We guarantee you get just what you need by assessing your company requirement and designing communication strategies that fit.