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Sovereign Business Jets is a leading private aircraft management and charter company, providing high-level consultancy on all types of private aircraft. The company’s aim is to provide a singular, seamless solution to bespoke air travel, delivered with expert and highly personalised customer service.

They provide traveling solutions for busy high-wealth clients and businesses across Europe, making the journey as good as the destination by delivering a first-class service in luxury jets which are all maintained to the highest standards.

Our Approach

Expansion and increased trade following acquisition meant that Sovereign Business Jets needed to move premises, allowing them to offer a showroom for their clients and suitable meeting areas to discuss journey planning and flight itineraries.

As MCL Telecom was the existing supplier for mobile telephones, installed telephone systems, and lease lines for the previous business, Sovereign Business Jets approached us to continue our supply of their telecoms.

MCL Telecom visited their existing offices where we ran through the further savings we could make for them. By chatting face to face we could share ideas for making their transition to the new premises seamless and we were able to provide a quote which was better value than the other telecoms businesses approached. This, coupled with our brilliant customer service, meant that they were very happy to come on-board with us.

As MCL Telecom are a small team of experts, there isn’t a convoluted process for on-boarding new businesses. We each know what is best for the customer and will be happy to chime in with a new idea if we know it will make their transition better.


Sovereign Business Jets opted for an entire new telephone system and we supplied the Panasonic NS700, including SIP with 11 handsets and one conference handset. As they were moving from a shared premise we supplied a 100/100 fibre lease line with fibre FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) fail-over backup.

With no interruption in service, Sovereign Business Jets could seamlessly move from one location to another with business operating as usual.

By installing a fail-over solution, there will never be a time of outage for their business which is essential given the critical work they do. They are happy with the service we provide, knowing that we are only ever a telephone call or email away should they ever need us.