Foundation Financial Planning

Foundation Financial Planning Case Study Cover


Based in Haywards Heath, Foundation Financial Planning are a local business set up with the sole aim of providing sound financial advice and adding value effectively. They are able to assist with anything from cashflow analysis to house buying, to inheritance.

We were approached by them after they had been recommended to us by one of our existing customers. Having moved to new offices and realising that their existing BT Cloud Phone System didn’t give them the functionality they needed to transfer calls between different desks and handsets with batteries which were beginning to fail.

Frequently when we are asked if we can support a business with their telecoms, it is because their exiting supplier isn’t offering them the level of service they need. As was the case with Foundation Financial Planning, using an outdated system which was no longer up to their requirements, but they couldn’t get through to their supplier and had no way of rectifying the issue.

Our Approach

When a prospective customer contacts us, we make it a priority to understand their business, what their existing systems do and how we can best support them with their telecoms moving forward.

Frank, our in-house engineer went to do an on-site visit to determine Foundation Financial Planning’s requirements. From this visit MCL Telecom could ascertain what was needed and put a quote in place that included broadband supply, cloud phone system and 4G failover.

We request that when we install a cloud phone system, we also take on supply of broadband, this is so that we have total control of the system. The buck stops with us and we will be able to help our customers with any issues they might have, rather than having to rely on another supplier.

At MCL Telecom we know it can be daunting to commit to a whole new telephone system, for that reason we are happy to provide a full on-site demonstration of what we’re planning to install. To allow our customers a chance to see what they’ll be getting and to understand how much it will benefit them.

Within a week of initial contact, we had site-visited, demoed, and signed Foundation Financial Planning up as a customer. Four weeks later all new systems were seamlessly in place and working as promised. As part of the installation, we always offer full training for new systems, to leave our customers confidently in control of their new telephone operations.

For our local customers, we make a point of revisiting the site after a week or so, to make sure everything is functioning as expected and to go over any additional training requirements or adjustments.


Foundation Financial Planning are now more efficient in how they work. Inbound call management is seamless, and staff can work away from the office without hassle thanks to cloud phone system mobile app and the ability to take their desk phone with them.

MCL Telecom have installed systems which gives Foundation Financial Planning complete flexibility, to work however and wherever they need to. Future proofed against eventuality with failover 4G (if their broadband glitches there is an automatic switch-over to 4G to keep all systems fully functional until it’s back online).

Throughout the process of installation Frank was working alongside a third party IT business, with remote access to the office to make sure set-up was inline with existing systems. They were so impressed with MCL Telecom’s approach that they have since recommended us to one other of their customers who we are now fitting with broadband and voice services.

“We’ve gone from an outdated system that used to cut out at critical moments, to one which has all the functionality we could ever need to provide our clients with a first-class service. MCL Telecom have recommended a perfect solution for our business, installed without issue, improved our efficiency and are always on-hand to answer any questions we might have.”

Lorraine Carroll