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Based locally to MCL Telecom in Burgess Hill, Elite Dental Studios offer their patients full dental service care. From cosmetic dentistry such as ceramic and implant crowns to teeth whitening and tooth replacement services.

An important business for its patients, and for servicing our local area it is necessary that their telecommunications are reliable, and lines of communication are open.

Elite Dental Studios telephony system was being serviced by an engineer who had served notice on working in their area, leaving them with an old defunct telephone system which they could no longer check or update.

Our Approach

Luckily for MCL Telecom, Elite Dental have their cars serviced by one of our existing customers, Alright Tyres. He recommended us and within a week they had set up an on-site meeting with Frank, our in-house engineer, to discuss their requirements.

Having never worked with a telecoms business direct, we guided them through the process of moving their lines over to us and installing new, more efficient systems.

Frank was able to demo to the client the system he trusted would work best for them and their customers. For MCL Telecom, it’s important that we can show our customers exactly what will work -and how- for their bespoke solutions. If our clients understand what they’ll be getting before we install it, then it’s more likely to succeed and be accepted across the business.

Not everything always goes according to plan though, and once the new cloud phone system was in place it was obvious that their Wi-Fi signal wasn’t stable enough to host their new handsets.

Within one site visit, Frank was able to diagnose what the issue was and with an upgraded router and wireless access point the system works perfectly.


From Franks initial site visit to having a new broadband supply in place was two weeks, a couple of days after that the cloud phone system was in place and ready to use.

From having a legacy system of failing communications between clients and business, Elite Dental Studios are now have a reliable and secure connection alongside a cloud phone system that works far beyond the capabilities of their original one.

MCL Telecom can make adjustments instantly, adjusting to the requirements of their business from out of hours messaging and diverts to voicemails that can be retrieved anywhere, anytime through the in-place system.

Elite Dental Studios are extremely happy with all services provided by MCL Telecom and would highly recommend them.