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Fibre Broadband

What’s the difference between business and home broadband?

Business broadband services offer unrivalled speed and reliability, coupled with our exemplary customer service your business gets the support and capability it demands.

A quick and reliable broadband connection is essential for any business. At MCL Telecom we recognise that, which is why we offer a range of solutions that can help no matter what your needs are.

We have solutions to fit every budget and services available for even the most challenging connectivity situations.

Priority Support

With MCL Telecom business broadband you’ll get the support your business needs, when it needs it. Business customers receive priority engineer support from OpenReach.

Static IP

You’ll get a static IP address as standard with business broadband, which means you can run your own web servers, email in-house and VoIP phone system.

Unlimited data

Increased data allowances with business broadband. With home broadband you are normally restricted to how much you can download each month (some as little as 1GB), business broadband is far more generous, and sometimes unlimited.


Speed, business broadband is faster through lower connection ratios. If you have multiple connections going through your broadband, you’ll need all the capacity and speed you can get.

The connectivity landscape is fluid

New technology is coming on-stream continually, offering advances and rendering once cutting-edge solutions redundant on a daily basis. Internet access is now an essential part of the business model, broadband connectivity needs to be secure and efficient.

The cloud is quickly becoming the adopted home for businesses, to communicate over, host their data on and collaborate using. IT systems are no longer on premises as the benefits of the cloud include, but are not limited to:

  • Unlimited storage options.
  • Server backup; never lose precious data again with timed and diarised backups.
  • Unified communication and collaboration; creating easier working environments for multi-site and homeworker focussed businesses.
  • IP phone systems create flexible telephony for businesses which need adaptability across their portfolios.
By using SaaS Software as a Service (Google apps, Salesforce, DocuSign, Slack) and PaaS Platform as a Service (SAP, Azure, AWS) businesses of any size take pressure off internally for running and managing IT infrastructures, freeing up time to concentrate on developing growth and strategy.

Business Broadband Services

Business Broadband Types

ADSL Broadband

This solution is being discontinued – BT are withdrawing supplying new lines from now; it will be terminated altogether in 2025. Existing customers using ADSL Broadband should talk to us about switching to a solution which is future -proofed and flexible for your business.

Traditionally used by small businesses in an area without fibre broadband and only occasionally used the internet to browse or view emails.


Ethernet First Mile (EFM) offers a dedicated broadband connection from the exchange, run through multiple copper wires to your premises. It’s a great alternative when Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) isn’t available and you don’t want a fibre lease line.

As a solution, EFM offers many benefits; it gives your business a dedicated connection with a guaranteed broadband speed, it also offers a reliable service that’s unequalled by any other.

How much will EFM cost?

We offer EFM on a quote-by-quote basis as prices vary depending on the distance from your business to the local exchange.

Satellite Broadband

Are you in a remote area and struggling with broadband connections? Then satellite broadband could be the solution for you.

How can satellite broadband help?

Our satellite broadband is the perfect option for customers located in remote areas. It offers the benefits of increased internet connection speeds and reliability, without the hassle or costs of committing to a lease line for your business.

Our in-house team of fully trained engineers offer a professional installation service, ensuring that all your systems are installed to the highest standards and fully operational.

With more than 20 tariffs available, starting from 1GB data per month and with speeds of up to 20MB, we’re certain we’ll have a tariff for you.

FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet

With FTTC your business will benefit from the maximum broadband speeds available in your area through a reliable and stable platform.

What is Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)? FTTC has a fibre optic connection from the exchange to the street cabinet, and then a copper cable to your premises. Unlike many broadband services, our FTTC solutions are built on a highly reliable and stable platform. It’s this platform that eliminates any issues of dropped connections, therefore ensuring your business and staff will always be online.

With FTTC your business will benefit from the maximum broadband speed available in your area, which could mean up to 80MB downloads and 20MB uploads.

At MCL Telecom we offer either a Draytek or Cisco router free of charge with your FTTC connection. FTTC combined with top-quality routers like these will give you seamless connectivity.

FTTP – Fibre to the Premises

FTTP is as above, fibre to the street cabinet, but then also fibre to your premises. It is the addition of fibre to your premises that makes this option super-fast.

If your business relies on several devices being connected simultaneously, streaming online or has multiple IoT connections to keep then this is the ultimate option.

Leased Lines

The most secure option, where you get fibre connectivity straight to your premises from the exchange direct. No going via a local exchange, a direct fibre cable. A dedicated fibre leased line is the perfect solution for businesses that demand the ultimate in reliability, speed and stability.

Because it’s a dedicated line that you’re not sharing with any other business, it has the added advantage of ensuring your speed is maintained, even at peak times.

They’re a great option for business that operate in areas where Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) is unavailable. They’re also easy to upgrade, should your business expand in the future.

Lease lines offer speeds from 10MB download/upload up to 100MB and beyond.

Powerful WIFI & guest WIFI

If any part of your business struggles to get connected to a Wi-Fi signal, or if your business has frequent visitors that require access to your broadband, then a powerful Access Point should be a priority for you.

Using our trusted hardware from Ubiquity you’ll get a stable connection.

Ubiquiti Access Points

What can MCL Telecom do for you?

Your business needs connectivity to create demand in the products and services you offer.

At MCL Telecom we know what you have available in your area, and by understanding your requirements we can give you a detailed plan of what you need.

We focus on providing our customers the very best service. We guarantee you get just what you need by assessing your company requirement and designing communication strategies that fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on what your business is running through it’s connection. At MCL Telecom we will scope out your requirements before advising which connection will give you what need.

If you need a temporary internet connection, for instance a pop-up shop or restaurant, then running a connection through the 3G or 4G network might work best for you. This way, wherever you have mobile signal, you’ll have internet connectivity.

Chances are, if it is for a business, you’ll need a business-grade router. We can help determine exactly what you need and let you know what the best option will be.

Sometimes this is possible, but it will depend on the type on broadband connection you’ll be running. Once we know what’s needed for your business, we’ll be able to see if your existing hardware is compatible. If it isn’t for any reason, we’ll be able to advise you one what will work best.

Depending on which internet service provider (ISP) you are with and which tariff you’re on will depend on whether you have unlimited capabilities, or whether you might be capped. If you’re at all unsure ask your existing supplier or get in touch with us and we’ll let you know.

This depends on where your business is located, the Government are keen to roll out high-speed connectivity nationwide, but there are still some areas that have little coverage. Let us know the postcode of your premises and we’ll find out what your options are.

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