BT Openreach Price Rises

April 9, 2019
Openreach price increases

Charges effecting customers with BT Openreach lines.

As a valued customer of MCL Telecom we’re sure you already know that we have managed to keep our BT Openreach call prices static for the past eight years. Over this time all other major telecoms providers, including BT, have raised theirs and introduced a call connection fee.

From 1st May 2019 we too are going to need to introduce a call connection fee for our customers on BT Openreach lines – VoIP customers will be unaffected, this is an access charge put on by BT Openreach which we have no option but to pass on in order to maintain our cost-per-minute to local, national and mobile numbers.

This is a one-off charge for each call that is connected along with the cost per minute for the duration of the call, so for example a five-minute call would incur one connection charge + five minutes at the rate for the number called.

The table here shows the costs charged from 1st May 2019 and as you can see we still represent great value against the bigger companies making us perfect for your business.

With ISDN lines being switched off in 2025 this would be the ideal time for you to think about future-proofing your communications strategy.

If you would like to talk to any of our team about your options for your business telecoms, please get in touch.