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What you actually pay to call 118 118!

30 January 2018 10:45

Calls to the 118 118 directory enquiry service now cost a minimum of almost £9 - DOUBLE the price from just two years ago.

In June 2015, found that 118 118 call costs from a landline were a minimum of £4.50, made up of £1.88 per call plus £2.57 per minute (minimum 60 second charge).

Now the firm’s product information states that “calls to 118 118 cost £4.49 per call plus £4.49 per minute”.

And this is just for the service charge. You will also pay an access charge per minute by your phone provider that bills you for your calls.

So, a call will cost a minimum of £8.98 before you even begin talking to the person at the end of the line for the number you are accessing - and if you go to be connected directly to the number from the 118 service and make a lengthy call, it'll be even pricier.

A three-minute long call to 118 118 now costs around £18.32 from a landline or £19.61 from a mobile.

The Sun reports that “anyone asking for the number of their GP, for example, would be billed more than £140 if kept holding for half an hour".

Think twice before dialling 118 118!