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Hosted VoIP

Our hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) packages are the most popular products we supply. Want to find out why?

What does hosted VoIP offer?

Our hosted VoIP packages offer your business all the feature-rich products that you would expect from the highest specification PBX (private phone network) systems, but without the initial up-front costs. Features include:

  • Call recording
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email alerts

Hosted VoIP is a stress- and hassle-free option

Unlike conventional phone systems, where you pay a charge for your line installation and line rental per line, with hosted VoIP phone systems you pay just £5 per month per line/handset.

Our stock of handsets, routers and switches will make sure your installation goes smoothly, and that we can quickly provide any replacements or additional products you may need in the future.

We’re also able to carry out remote maintenance. That means we’re able to make any changes within minutes, making sure your system is operating as it should be and eliminating the need for a costly engineer to visit your site.

It really is a stress and hassle free option, keeping your business costs consistent and your business connected.