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Fraud Management

Fraud in the telecoms industry runs into millions of pounds every year. We can help to ensure your PBX (private telephone network) system is safe and secure.

Preventing hacking

Systems are increasingly being hacked. The result of this is that calls are being routed through business lines without their knowledge. The businesses then have to pay the cost for the calls.

We’ll help you to prevent hacking by taking measures to make sure your private telephone network (PBX) is safe and secure. We can also provide you with the ability to lock-down your systems, if necessary, offering an immediate solution.

On-going monitoring

We proactively monitor your call traffic and alert you if there’s any unusual activity, including sudden general high usage, international calls or calls to premium rate numbers (which can cost up to £5 per minute). This will make sure that any damage is severely limited.

Call limits and restrictions

You can also keep control of things by placing daily or monthly limits on call costs, so that once the limits have been reached a bar’s placed on your outgoing calls. No more calls, no further costs. Simple.