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Virtual Numbers

Wouldn’t it be great to have a phone number that’s easy to take with you, wherever you or your business go? With virtual numbers you can.

What are virtual numbers?

Virtual numbers, also known as ‘clouded numbers’, aren’t like traditional phone numbers that are fed into your businesses as part of your phone line. Instead they’re flexible, which means that you can receive your incoming calls wherever your business is.

Virtual numbers can be any local dialling code, or any 0300 or 08 number.

What are the benefits of virtual numbers?

Because virtual numbers aren’t fed in to your business through a traditional phone line, it makes them easy to take with you to another exchange hosted by BT, wherever your business goes.

We can set virtual numbers up in minutes and, depending on your call plan, we may also be able to set them up free of charge or for a minimal rental amount each month.

They’re a great tool for marketing campaigns too. With the ability to create reports on all your virtual numbers, you’ll be able to monitor incoming calls, including the date, time and length of each one. Giving you valuable statistics to help you analyse what works best.

Moving existing phone numbers

If you already have a phone number (analogue or ISDN) for your business we can transfer your number to a virtual number, allowing you to keep the same number without any disruption to your business.