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Holiday essentials

17 July 2019 07:55

Taking your mobile on holiday, the stuff you need to know.

Whether you’re off on holiday, or travelling abroad for work, using your mobile has always been an expensive business; be it calls (making them and receiving them), texting home or browsing for a local place to eat, and inadvertently gobbling up all your data in one hit.  We get countless calls after unexpected, and costly, bills have been sent out the month after return, questioning the vast accumulated sums.


Well, the good news is, Vodafone have just made it all a little bit better for people travelling outside the EU. From 1st June 2018 they added an extra 43 countries to their Global Traveller Zones, meaning their Global Traveller footprint increased from 60, to 104 countries. There’s a chart below here on all the included in Roam Further.

‘Roam Further’ is a fixed rate travel charge applied automatically to your account on the days that Global Roaming is activated on your phone. It is a flat-rate of £5 + VAT per day, and then you use your usual UK allowances to make any calls, send text or use data.  Receiving texts and phone calls is completely free, so if you turn your data and roaming off on your handset, you won’t be charged a bean.

Outside the countries listed below, and you’ll be charged the standard roaming rate. If you’d like to know how much this is for a certain country, just drop us a line.

Roam Further only applies to the new Vodafone Red tariffs, if you want to find out what tariff you’re currently on, look at your most recent invoice, or drop us a line to find out.


It’s a more complicated offer from O2; If you’re travelling within the EU you’ll use your UK allowance for calls, texts and data. For the rest of the world you’ll get a fixed charge of £7.50 + VAT per day for any roaming, and you’ll need to make sure you’re on the right tariff for where you’re going.  Depending on which tariff you’re on, depends on what allowances you get.

We’ve listed out the zones and allowances below, but if you’d like any more specific information, or if the country you’re going to isn’t listed, then just drop us a line and we’ll tell you the essentials.


VODAFONE: Countries currently included in Roam Further:

VODAFONE: Countries that are being added to Roam Further:

VODAFONE: Inside the EU. Countries that are ‘roam-free’ and use your UK allowance:

O2: Zone 2:

200 minutes / 200 texts / 500mb data per day -or- £99 for 30 days and you get 2000 minutes / 2000 texts / 5gb data.

O2: Zone 3:

200 minutes / 200 texts / 200mb data per day -or- £99 for 30 days and you get 2000 minutes / 2000 texts / 2gb data. 

O2: Zone 4:

0 minutes / 0 texts / 50mb data per day 

O2: Zone 5:

0 minutes / 0 texts / 2mb data per day