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HPC Precision Engineering, Burgess Hill

I first used MCL to fit car kits for our team – that was back in 2005 – HPC Precision Engineering now have over 100 mobile telephone connections through them, a testament to the great service we receive. Our account is frequently reviewed to make sure that we’re still on the best package for our needs. If it needs to be changed, our Account Manager gives me a call to discuss the options available.

No other company has ever come close to MCL for price or service. I feel happy and confident that our account is in the best hands and that’s why we do not hesitate to renew our contract each and every 24 months

KPS, Scaynes Hill

 MCL came to pitch for our mobile telephone account in 2006 at KPS. We moved over to them after they came up with a plan that saved us money, but still gave us great levels of service.

Since then, I’ve moved our landline connections and internet connectivity to MCL. Nothing is ever too much for the team; any questions are always answered and our account is always well maintained. I can check all our invoices online and monitor our usage easily through cost centre analysis.

We’ve also got vehicle trackers fitted to our company cars through MCL. Anything we need, they can help with.

Quality Ceramics, Burgess Hill

As a long-standing customer of MCL Telecoms Ltd, Quality Ceramics have been progressively moving their products under our remit.  Their most recent acquisition was a complete new telephone system.

Coming from a fibre broadband, hosted by BT, they were paying £47 per month, for this alone. After an enquiry to our Business Support team, our on-site engineer, Frank, gave their telephony system a (free) health-check. These health-checks are available to anyone, not just our existing customers, are completely free of charge, and have no-obligation to purchase attached.

Once Quality Ceramics had given us the go-ahead, we moved their Fibre Broadband to us, and by giving us the ability to manage the solution end-to-end, we have been able to utilise their telephone system to its full potential, and changed them from a PTSN system to IP.

We have, so far, managed a saving of £17.80 per month on their lines alone, by replacing two standard telephone lines with SIP Trunks -using the internet to make and receive calls.

We are now happy to report, that Quality Ceramics have their full telephony solution with us, at MCL Telecom Ltd, including system maintenance, and we are still able to save them just under £400 for the duration of their contract.

“MCL Telecom Ltd have been faultless in their service with us. With open communications between us, we have been able to move our total telephony system to a local, caring business.  Always ready to help with any questions we may have. We are very happy with the level of service we have received. We have had many conversations with the team, who have always been very helpful and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend the team at MCL Telecom Ltd to anyone,” Roger Hinkins and Steven Bertolini - Directors/Owners, Quality Ceramics Limited.

Whetham and Green, Burgess Hill

Recommended to talk to MCL Telecom by one of our existing customers, Whetham and Green approached us to talk about their telephone system.  In a high-pressured environment, like a legal office, it is imperative that communications are working effectively.  Their existing system was outdated and, without them even knowing, not working efficiently for them.

The best way for us to get to know the requirements of any new customer is to visit them on-site. Amanda went to Whetham and Green’s office, to suss out their requirements, and to check on the system already in place. Once we have all the information, existing set-up and customer requirements, we can use our local knowledge of IT and comms infrastructure, to deliver expert recommendations of the best solutions.

The best solution for Whetham and Green was to move to a new SIP system, although the transition wasn’t easy as they were locked in to an existing telephone line supplier, we managed to negotiate an interim solution of using their new telephone hardware through their existing infrastructure, until they could move entirely to us.

“I couldn’t be happier with the service we received from MCL Telecom. Not only were they quick to react, but Amanda explained everything in such an understandable way, what we could have, and elements that wouldn’t work for us. Telephone systems aren’t always front of mind, but to know that what we have now is secure, reliable, and rich in features -for example call recording, means that we can confidently carry out our business effectively.”  Marianne Trott, Partner.

Fairfax Properties, Burgess Hill

“MCL offer a very different service to most. I came to MCL Telecom over 10 years ago originally requesting information on what services they could provide, simply because they were a local business which appealed to us for convenience. After discussing the pricings for mobiles, it soon became clear that we could be saving an absolute fortune by moving our mobile services across to MCL!

Over the years we have found the service from MCL to be exceptional. They offer a very personal and friendly service to us; nothing is too much trouble! Because of this service, alongside fantastic pricing, we have now moved all of our services to MCL and away from BT who were very difficult to deal with.

We recently set MCL the challenge of project managing our office move to a very rural area and provide us with an IP System. This meant providing us with a dedicated leased line into the building with back up ADSL connections. The work MCL put in meant the move went seamlessly!

Now we have all of our business communication with MCL including Mobile Broadband Connections, 40+ Mobile Connections, Full IP Enabled Telephone System, IT Services, Dedicated Leased Line and ADSL2+ Connections. We feel extremely confident that they are more than capable of looking after us effectively.” 

Allright Tyres, Burgess Hill

Allright Tyres were provided with a hosted VoIP solution from BT. MCL are usually the first to promote a hosted VoIP solution BUT only when it is suitable for the customer!

Sadly, on this occasion Allright Tyres were only able to get around 1mb of broadband speed into their premises as fibre still was not available! This left them with a terrible service as there was barely enough bandwidth, to send an email let alone cope with voice traffic. We decided it would be best suited for them to go back onto an analogue line for now to give them a stable service until a time when they could upgrade to fibre.

MCL took control of the situation to save the customer any more stress and delivered them with a service they could rely on. With our local engineers to pop out whenever necessary, John didn’t need to lift a finger!

Owner John Wright MBE explains: “I was furious and disappointed with BT as I trusted their suggestion which clearly wasn’t thought through. Our business relies heavily on incoming calls from customers and I found that I was having to use my mobile to contact them back. MCL have taken away a huge amount of stress for me, their service has been fantastic and I would recommend them to any other business looking for an honest reliable and cost effective service!”


As one of our first customers, moving their mobile connections to us in 2005, we have kept them regularly informed about the latest news, products and services we offer and have been able to move their fixed line services across to be fully managed by us.

As a customer with several sites across multiple locations, VKHP were paying hugely expensive bills to BT, and it was complicated for them to keep track of what they had, and what they required, as they had a separate bill for each of their sites.

After analysing their set-up and creating a plan to move their services to us, we managed to save them over 50% each month, we also combined their sites onto one bill and used cost centring in order to make it is easier to process.

In 2016 they renewed their telephone system, after a detailed consultation with us we proposed to install a new Panasonic NS700 system on ISDN2 and SIP, a future-proof solution which will allow them to seamlessly move across to fully IP when the BT switch-over happens in 2025.

“Having been with MCL Telecom for many years, we have a strong relationship and I feel confident that I can trust their recommendations and know that they only have our best interests at heart. MCL Telecom have always provided us with the highest level of customer support, pre and post-sale. We will continue to work with MCL Telecom for many more years to come.” Mike Van Klaveren, VKHP.


Interlink Express / DPD, Eastbourne

I first moved our mobile telephone connections to MCL back in 2005; the service was both professional, informative and gave me the confidence to move. I was kept up to date with every stage of the transfer process by my Account Manager.

When MCL offered the possibility to move our landline connections through them as well, it made perfect sense. This way we have our telecoms under one roof. We also have the added benefit of accessing our bills online, split by our cost centres – much easier than through separate companies.

I’ve been so impressed by the service offered by MCL that I’ve recommended them to about 50 other depots.

Housing Association, Croydon

We moved 120 landlines over to MCL and it has saved our company an absolute fortune! On top of the monetary savings, the time savings in administration are monumental. All our invoices are cost centred as we run our business across several sites – this has saved us so much time every month. I thought it was going to be a big risk and hassle moving all the landlines, but it really was seamless and stress free. Our Account Manager kept me up-to-date and MCL did everything they could to ensure a smooth transition.

We've had our mobile account with MCL since 2005, and recently me moved our landlines, it has made accounting so much easier. I would highly recommend MCL to any other company – just imagine, no overseas call centres, and knowing personally who you are talking to, need I say more.

SJM Air Conditioning, East Grinstead

Julie initially contacted us for support in transferring their existing telephone services across to VoIP. As with many of our customers, VoIP is a subject they had heard about, understood the basics of, but were unsure of what processes and costs were involved in moving over entirely. They were also tied to a lengthy contract with another ISP, so we had to make sure the solution was also cost effective.

We met with Julie and got a good understanding of what they needed to achieve so we could create a suitable telecoms package for them. They wanted to have two connecting offices which were situated side-by-side, connected by a single system. This was the perfect setup for hosted VoIP!

After a day’s installation and some good team work with their IT Company, we were confident that the set up was completed and ready to go! We have since returned to site to assist with some re-routing of cabling and an office move.

Julie Davis, Operations Specialist for SJM Air Conditioning explains: “I felt very at ease after to speaking to MCL and that they were the right choice for us! As I personally don’t have a technical background, I needed to speak to a company I could trust to keep our business needs as a priority. We are very happy with our setup now, especially as we have the flexibility to increase or decrease our handsets as and when we need to”.

Mid Sussex Roofing, Shoreham-by-Sea

MCL Telecom have looked after Mid Sussex Roofing for their mobile connections for over 10 years and naturally when they were looking to relocate their offices they turned to us for assistance.

Their main objective was to renew their telephony solutions and move to a new office, however, it was crucial to retain all of their existing telephone numbers. MCL Proposed a hosted VoIP solution which would allow them the flexibility to port their numbers into the cloud meaning they can be moved whenever or wherever they need to be. Alongside this, the hosted solution is fully scalable giving them the freedom to increase or decrease handsets as needed.

The main issue they had was that their existing provider had wrapped them into another long running contract, meaning they were unable to move away seamlessly. MCL helped Mid Sussex Roofing buy out the existing contract and port all of the numbers to VoIP.

Director Jack Tettersell explains: “MCL Telecom were clear and concise from the beginning, providing us with options and allowing us to make an informed decision based on our needs. As we didn’t have the easiest of setups, MCL worked with us to get the end result we needed. We are incredibly impressed with the technical knowledge and professionalism of the teams at MCL”.